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How did this happen?

Chris Coleman, Chad Wright, Oskar Cartaya, Arturo Solar, Tom Scott, Chuck Findley,Dan Higgins, Arturo Velasco, Fausto Cuevas, Andy Abad, Adam Kagan, Andy Martin, George Shelby, Sarah Reich, Melinda Sullivan, Carlos Barrionuevo, Mayte Valdes, Bela Canhoto plus 15 String section….. So much love and talent in the room today… I’m overwhelmed with love and joy. Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart!!!!!….. I hope you had at least half the fun I had today! love always! stay tuned!!! album almost there!

Data: October 2014
Address: East West Studios in Los Angeles

Adam Kagan, Andy Abad, Andy Martin, Arturo Solar, Arturo Velasco, Carlos Barrionuevo, Chad Wright, Chris Coleman, Chuck Findley, Dan Higgins, Fausto Cuevas, George Shelby, Mayte Valdes, Melinda Sullivan, Oskar Cartaya, Sarah Reich, Tom Scott

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