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RG Music Mixes Immersive Michael Bublé Collection

Michael Bublé’s first immersive collection, The Essential Michael Bublé, was mixed at RG Music in Los Angeles.

Carlos Rodgarman and Humberto Gatica in Rodgarman’s Los Angeles-area studio, RG Music.

Los Angeles, CA (August 25, 2022)—Michael Bublé’s first immersive collection, The Essential Michael Bublé, was mixed at RG Music in Los Angeles by owner and recording engineer Carlos Rodriguez, aka Carlos Rodgarman, and producer Humberto Gatica on the studio’s new 7.1.4 Genelec monitoring array.

Rodgarman recently installed the 7.1.4 Atmos monitoring system at his facility, comprising an array of Genelec Smart Active Monitors: Genelec 8341A LCR speakers, four 8331A speakers as the left and right side and rear surrounds, and four 8320A speakers overhead. A 7370A subwoofer is matched to the LCR array and a 7350A sub is matched to the surround and overhead speakers.

Gatica has produced six of Bublé’s last LPs, all of which were Grammy-nominated and four of which won their respective categories. Most of the recordings, which date back to 2006’s It’s Time, were also originally mixed on Genelec 1031A and 1032A speakers, the same ones Gatica — who has also won Grammys for his recordings and mixes of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and Chicago’s album 17 — has used for three decades.

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“I’m still using my original 1031s for mixing to this day,” Gatica says. “I cannot imagine recording and mixing without them. Wherever in the world I was recording, if I needed to, I’d fly in some 1031s! So naturally, for Michael’s first Atmos mixes, we had to work on Genelecs.”

“Between the sound of the Genelecs and the technology, like the GLM automatic calibration, this was a no-brainer for the project with Humberto and Michael,” says Rodgarman, a native of Galicia, Spain, who has recorded, arranged and produced for artists including vocal trio The Serenad3, Juan Gabriel and the Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra. “The GLM did an excellent job of calibrating the entire Atmos speaker array, but even for stereo work, I’ve come to rely more and more on the Genelecs.”

“The Genelec monitoring here is a big reason why Carlos and I decided to work together on this project,” Gatica says. “When you’re confident in the way things sound, when you know the direction you’re going is right, then you can start to begin to polish and reshape the sounds and really get into it. The Genelecs are able to fully reproduce the musicality of the instrumentation and the vocals.”

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