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Neve Genesys Black

8 channels of 1073 mic/line preamps, 16-channels DAW/Tape monitoring, hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, Nuendo and more, ...

Barefoot Micromain 45

Audio Monitor

Apple Cinema Display

iCon­nec­ti­vity mio10

USB 10x10 MIDI Interface

G-drive | 32 Tb

G-drive and Samsung SSD

Redco Patch Bay

Redco Patch Bay Tt/Db25


Carlos Rodgarman’s studio has all the latest equipment, but also some old gems. Over the last few years Carlos has been able to has been able to test out all sorts of sound gear in a multitude of studios. This is the equipment he is currently using for production…
Units Model Description Web
1 NEVE Genesys Black Digitally Controlled Analogue Recording Console
1 Antelope Orion 32 HD Recording Interface
1 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Recording Interface
2 Barefoot Micromain 45 Audio Monitor
1 iCon­nec­ti­vity mio10 MIDI Connectivity


Units Model Description Web
1 Manley 16X2 Mic PreMixer Preamps
1 Manley Stereo Variable Mu (Mastering Edition) Preamps
1 Api Lunchbox Model:500-6B HC Preamps
1 GML 8304 Preamps
1 Teletronix Model LA-2A Preamps
2 Universal Audio 1176LN Preamps
1 Little Labs VOG Preamps
1 Inward Connections The Brute Preamps
2 Pultec EQP-500X Preamps
2 A-Range 500 Preamps


Units Model Description Web
1 Neumann U87 (Vintage) Microphone
1 Neumann M149 Microphone
2 Neumann KM84 (Vintage) Microphone
1 Phillips C12A(Vintage) Microphone
2 Royer R122 Microphone
1 AKG D112 Microphone
3 Sennheiser MD421 II Microphone
1 Shure SM58 Microphone
1 Shure SM57 Microphone


Units Model Description Web
1 Piano YAMAHA C7 Instrument
1 Fender Rhodes Mark II Instrument
1 Kawai MP9000 Instrument
1 Little Phatty Moog Instrument
1 Harpejji - Marcodi K24 Instrument
1 Korg Microkorg XL+ Instrument
1 Melodica Music Instrument Instrument
1 Akai Keyboard Advance 61 Keyboard Instrument
1 Roli Instrument
1 Yamaha S90 XS Instrument
1 Korg X50 Instrument
1 Hammond SK-1 Instrument
1 Koch Amps Studiotone XL Instrument
1 Vox Night Train V112 NT Instrument

Multi Effect Processors

Units Model Description Web
1 Eventide Eclipse Multi Effect Processors
1 Bricasti M7 Multi Effect Processors
1 Bricasti M7M Multi Effect Processors
1 TC Elec­tronic TC2290-DT Multi Effect Processors
1 SSL Fusion Multi Effect Processors is a corporation registered in the State of California.