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Celebration night.

Latin Grammy 2016

Celebration night. Surprise the atmosphere of the Latin Grammy of this year. The following is the list of nominees for the best album of the year:

  • Tour Terral Tres Noches en las Ventas — Pablo Alborán
  • Cinema (Edición en Español) — Andrea Bocelli
  • Mil Ciudades — Andrés Cepeda
  • Vidas Pra Contar — Djavan
  • Conexión — Fonseca
  • Los Dúo 2 — Juan Gabriel
  • Un Besito Más — Jesse & Joy
  • ¿Dónde Están? — José Lugo & Guasabara Combo
  • Buena Vida — Diego Torres
  • Algo sucede — Julieta Venegas

Good luck for all of you

The design work

Great design work my partner and friend Miguel Taboada. The dolls are created with a material called Sculpey. He has invested a lot of hours in the modeling of the dolls. I think the result is fantastic. Thank you very much for your talent. is a corporation registered in the State of California.