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Akademia Award for Best Jazz Album (The Rodgarband)


Born in Vigo, Spain, Carlos commenced his musical training at the age of 8 at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo. With an inherent taste for music, Carlos started his classical training as well as harnessed his interests in Jazz and other music genres because of his musical family environment which served as his main inspiration. At the young age of 14, he began his musical journey by getting involved not only jazz piano, but also in musical composition and arrangement. His mentors are Felix Santos (Berklee professor)Chucho Valdes (latin-jazz grammy award winning piano player), Horacio Icasto (Piano), Alberto Conde (Harmony and improvisation), as well as the award winning film composer Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, Love Happens, The grudge, among others). As a kid who had a keen sense of technology and programming in music and also production/sound engineering, this eventually led him to the professional studio world.


With Antonio Carmona

With Chris Botti
With Christopher Young
With Enrique Iglesias
With Giovanni Hidalgo
With Jonathan Butler

With La India

With Luis Conte
With Oscar de Leon
With Oscar Cartaya
With Playa Limbo
With Sergio George

With Sheyla-E

With Sting
With Juan Gabriel and Paps
With Al Schmitt

With Geronimo Rauch

With Vinnie Colaiuta 

With Sabrina Romero

With Martik Gharakhanian

With Carlos de Antonis & Humberto Gatica

With Rebeca Rods

With David Weissberg

With Enzo Buono

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