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14628 Margate St.
91411 Sherman Oaks
Los Angeles, California

Akademia Award for Best Jazz Album (The Rodgarband)


Born in Vigo, Spain, Carlos Rodgarman is a GRAMMY nominated Engineer and LATIN GRAMMY nominated Songwriter who has worked on several award winning albums including Latin Superstars’ Juan Gabriel’s «Los Dúo» and Jenni Rivera’s “Joyas Prestadas”.

Rodgarman, has toured the world as a Musical Director, Arranger and Pianist and his expertise in Pop, Latin and Jazz musical styles has seen him work with renowned artists such as Celine Dion, All-4-One, Sheila E., Antonio Carmona and Isabel Pantoja amongst others.

Carlos is also the Founder of RG Music, a music production company and RG Studios, a top of the line recording studio located in Los Angeles, CA, that produces high end recordings and Dolby Atmos mixes. Projects are recorded using a state of the art Neve Genesys Black console and range from full length albums to music libraries and infomercial music.

His love for music can be heard in his debut album “The Rodgarband” which assembled an impressive collective of international Musicians, Singers and Dancers whose diversity reflect Rodgarman’s ability to resonate with audiences and bring together a wide array of individuals.


With Antonio Carmona

With Chris Botti
With Christopher Young
With Enrique Iglesias
With Giovanni Hidalgo
With Jonathan Butler

With La India

With Luis Conte
With Oscar de Leon
With Oscar Cartaya
With Playa Limbo
With Sergio George

With Sheyla-E

With Sting
With Juan Gabriel and Paps
With Al Schmitt

With Geronimo Rauch

With Vinnie Colaiuta 

With Sabrina Romero

With Martik Gharakhanian

With Carlos de Antonis & Humberto Gatica

With Rebeca Rods

With David Weissberg

With Enzo Buono